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Water Filtration System

Whole Home Water Filtration & Softener in Centennial Hills, NV and Surrounding Areas

Looking for reliable Water Filtration and Softener Services in Centennial Hills, Henderson, and throughout Las Vegas? Turn to the pros at Resolution Plumbing for the best service at the best price!
One thing you should never have to worry about is whether or not the water in your home is making you sick. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, the quality of water running through the lines to and within your home is not always reliable or safe. If this is the case in your area, a whole home water filtration system and water softener can help ensure your water is safe to drink and use. At Resolution Plumbing, we install, maintain, and repair water filtration systems and offer water softener services in Las Vegas to keep quality water flowing through your plumbing system.

Reliable Water Filtration, Purification & Softener Services in Las Vegas

Throughout much of Las Vegas, the water supply is treated using chlorine so that residents can enjoy tap water that is free of contaminants. Sometimes, trace amounts of that chlorine are still in your water when it comes out of your faucet. While this isn’t unsafe, it also isn’t desirable for most people. That’s why we offer services to treat your water even further to achieve the purest quality possible. Resolution Plumbing can provide Whole Home Water Filtration Services for your main water line and all water lines throughout your home. We’ll also use a salt-based softener to eliminate the hardness that Las Vegas water can sometimes have. We can perform maintenance and repairs on water filtration and purification systems as well, to ensure your water supply remains contaminant-free.

6 Signs That May Show You Have Hard Water

Hard water is one of the most common water quality concerns for Las Vegas homeowners. Not only can it affect the taste of your water, but it can also increase your water heating costs and shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances. Here are some signs that you may have hard water in your home:
If you notice any of these issues, call the expert plumbers at Resolution Plumbing for dependable water softening solutions in Las Vegas, NV.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softeners and Water Filtration Systems

What is a water filtration system?
A water filtration system is designed to trap, capture and neutralize harmful contaminants in your tap water that could potentially damage your plumbing system or pose a risk for illness and disease to your family.
What are common problems with water softeners?
Some common water softener problems our plumbers fix include:
Have you encountered problems with your water softener? Do you live in Las Vegas? If so, Resolution Plumbing is the place to turn to.

We’re Ready To Help

Don’t risk the health of you and your family, or live in uncertainty about the quality of your water; get in touch with the Resolution Plumbing team in Las Vegas, NV. Give us a call at (702)827-1145 to discuss your water filtration and softener needs today!


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