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é by José Andrés


é by José Andrés, located within The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, is an exceptional dining destination that showcases the innovative and creative culinary talents of the renowned Spanish-American chef José Andrés. This intimate and avant-garde restaurant offers an extraordinary tasting menu experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional cuisine.


The restaurant’s name, “e,” is a nod to both “é” (pronounced “ay”) in Spanish, meaning “to go,” and “experimentation.” This reflects the adventurous spirit that defines the dining experience at é by José Andrés. The restaurant accommodates a limited number of guests each evening, ensuring an intimate and personalized journey through its tasting menu.


The menu at é is a dynamic and ever-evolving exploration of flavors, techniques, and ingredients. Chef José Andrés and his team draw inspiration from their travels, culinary traditions, and cutting-edge culinary innovations to craft a multi-course tasting menu that surprises and delights diners at every turn.


Dishes at é are miniature works of art, each thoughtfully composed and presented with precision. The chef’s passion for molecular gastronomy and avant-garde cooking techniques is evident in every bite. Ingredients are often deconstructed, reinvented, or transformed into unexpected forms, challenging diners to think differently about food.


The dining experience at é is immersive, with guests seated at a sleek and intimate chef’s counter. Here, diners have a front-row view of the culinary team in action, watching as each dish is meticulously prepared and plated. The chefs interact with guests, explaining the creative process behind each course and adding a personal touch to the experience.


é’s wine and beverage program is equally extraordinary, with a curated selection of wine pairings and innovative cocktails designed to complement the tasting menu. The restaurant’s sommeliers are passionate about enhancing the dining experience through thoughtful pairings that elevate each dish.


é by José Andrés is a culinary adventure that transcends traditional dining. It’s a place where food becomes an art form, where creativity knows no bounds, and where the boundaries of flavor and texture are pushed to their limits. For those seeking an unforgettable and avant-garde culinary journey in Las Vegas, e by José Andrés offers an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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